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TRESU Flexo Innovator


TRESU Concept provides multi-process, single-pass printing and converting lines for folding carton board, film, laminates, metallic substrates and paper. Starting from scratch, we work in close partnership with customers to develop and inspire brand new possibilities and creative product packaging in all categories. New ways of thinking, innovative design and strong research and development are at the centre of TRESU Concept.

The Flexo Innovator FI 1100 – the first solution from TRESU Concept – is a mid-web flexo printing and finishing concept offering a modular platform, relatively low tooling costs and fast change-over times. Available in roll-to-roll, roll-to-sheet or roll-to-die cutting line, FI 1100 offers the option to include a multitude of possible technologies, such as die-cutting, laminating, embossing, rotary screen, rotogravure and cutting.  

 Watch the animation with the Flexo Innovator inline printing machine


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