TRESU Wash & Print WB - Specialrecipe

TRESU distributes a complete portfolio of cleaning detergents matching each and every cleaning situation in coating and printing applications.

TRESU Wash & Print WB Cleaning Detergent has been developed for daily cleaning of anilox rollers in multi-color printing machines. TRESU Wash & Print WB Cleaning Detergent is also suitable for the manual cleaning of printing plates and other machine parts which are contaminated with water-based printing inks.

All our low foaming cleaning detergents will enable you to benefit from faster cleaning cycles – and less downtime. In fact, with TRESU cleaning detergents, you might also be on the road to a more sustainable process - whether you use water-based or UV based inks. We supply special recipe cleaning detergents - and they are only available from us.

Based on more than 40 years of working with, developing, and supplying printing equipment to printing and coating applications all over the world, we have accumulated the knowledge and experience to help you avoid unnecessary downtime and repeat your high quality printing and coating - year in, year out.

TRESU - Extending Performance

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