TRESU DuraBlade:
Doctor blade in carbon steel with extended performance.

This doctor blade is a high-quality type carbon steel doctor blade, compared to other carbon steel blades, and a further development of the EcoBlade.

The steel of this doctor blade has a highly refined microstructure compared to other carbon doctor blades, and a modified steel grade and heat treatment.

TRESU DuraBlade has twice as many carbides/μm² compared to TRESU EcoBlade, so it wears down into much finer particles and causes less print issues when used. 

 DuraBlade advantages: Click to explore data
  • Increased print quality and lifetime
  • Less risk of metail hair formation and burr
  • Highly improved microstructure only releases minimum particles
  • into inking system
  • Hardness is in the same range as TRESU EcoBlade to reduce anilox and gravure cylinder wear
  • Good wear resistance

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