Coating as clear as glass: No air, no micro-foaming.
Upgrade to TRESU Pressure Control Technology.

In printing applications there is a growing demand for value adding features created with coating. 
However, foaming is a frequent phenomenon and a root cause of waste and bad performance in coating applications.

TRESU's Pressure Control Technology - sign up to RECEIVE OUR TECHNICAL PAPER - eliminates the creation of micro foaming and eliminates all the problems related to foaming by maintaining a constant, high pressure in the chamber doctor blades. This causes a liquid barrier to form between the rotating anilox cells and the chamber, stopping any air in the cells from transferring to the coating during production.

TRESU's coating concept is an in-line, pressure-controlled coating concept for high-speed - sheet-fed or web offset - printing presses, suitable for both UV and water-based coatings, where a perfect coating finish is needed.

Examples are glue-applied paper labels, carton board packaging, commercial print as well as some web fed offset applications like shrink-wrap sleeves. 


How does it work?

A complete solution from TRESU

The unique concept is based on TRESU's flexo technology, and the self-regulating concept comprises a TRESU chamber doctor blade system and a coating circulator.

The circulator automatically adjusts to the coating supply and by means of a sensor - measuring coating pressure and press speeds at the doctor blade - the circulator also regulates coating consumption.

Furthermore, temperature regulation for UV coatings is available with a coating conditioner, which features an automatic re-filling system to maintain coating quantity and fixed temperatures.

Overall, this system enables printers to coat printed products at faster speeds, without the risk of micro-foaming and blisters in the coated surface.

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