Our core competence is innovation

Highly skilled and involved 

The TRESU Development and Construction team consists of 30 highly skilled engineers with a keen focus on true innovation. We take on complete projects and handle the entire process flow. This is where everything is ‘shaped’ – and thanks to a strong involvement from our sales department, we remain an integral part of the ongoing process and dialogue with the customer.

Co-operating for continuous improvement

In our industry it is essential to cooperate with customers on all levels – meeting and understanding customers requirements, and truly evaluating their needs and possibilities. TRESU Development and Construction continues to adapt and customise without compromising quality. Understanding the machine-users We know that achieving the best possible performance depends on understanding and accommodating the needs and concerns of our customers.

TRESU technology is the leanest and most productive experience but we also strive to make it the safest, cleanest, easiest and most ergonomic too. TRESU Development and Construction is constantly trying to reduce process and production cost by developing energysaving methods - with a keen focus on the environment.