TRESU Customer Care

TRESU Customer Care is an innovative customer service and technical support program that caters to each customer’s specific solutions, needs and requirements. We make sure our customers stay ahead of the game in terms of performance, efficiency and reliability.


- Flexo (Europe & RoW) +45 7027 0029 
- Flexo  (US & Americas) +1 833 873 7887
- Chillers (US & Americas) +1 866 873 7887
- Digital & Coating (Global) +45 7022 9935

Further information on technical hotline

Customer Support

We receive and handle requests from customer on both technical issues and customer complaints. We develop and assure the maintenance of user manuals and service documentation and provide you with a worldwide hotline availability 24/7.

Planning & follow-up

With TRESU Customer Care we take care of the planning, installation and testing of the equipment. You will receive detailed reporting with thorough analysis and status after each service visit from TRESU. We follow up and focus on the trouble shooting to give you the best service and support and we strive continuously together with you to develop our service concepts. 

Training and sparring

We offer you in-house and external training of your operators and maintenance staff. For sparring and development we invite you to participate in working groups and product development projects.