Folding Carton. 



Flexo Printing

Flexo Inline Press,Flexo Stack Press, Flexo Unit

Digital printingHybrid

Chamber doctor blade systems

FlexiPrint Basic, Flexiprint IMW, Uniprint B
Coating and Ink supply systemsF1 B, F10 iCon, XL5i
Coating conditionersX10, F1 B 
Flexo CoatingFlexo Unit
Digital Coating
 (Inline coating for digital printing machines)
iCoat II, iCoat30000 TWIN, iJet, Pinta 
Chamber doctor blade systemsFlexiPrint Basic, FlexiPrint IMW, Uniprint C, Uniprint B
Coating- & ink supply systemsL10i UV, L10i Aqua, L30i Combi, XL5i
Coating conditionersX10 for i-Series

Flexo GluingFlexo Unit
Chamber doctor blade systemsUniprint B,FlexiPrint Basic and FlexiPrint IMW
Coating- & ink supply systemsXL5i
Hot airDrying unit 

TRESU's customized, automated in-line flexo printing and converting lines are the perfect answer for the efficient and sustainable production of high-impact single-pass folding cartons, whether in short or long runs.   

The Flexo Innovator is available in 1100mm, 1400mm and 1700mm widths and a modular platform enables custom configurations, with any number of printing stations and a host of added-value processes besides just flexo.
These can include cold foil and lamination, metallic effects, enhanced gloss and brightness or scratch-sniff effects.

Thanks to state-of-the-art drying and sleeve technologies, and process control, the Flexo Innovator delivers perfect quality at high speeds exceeding 600m/min, while keeping waste and emissions to a minimum. 
The TRESU-designed drying and curing systems come with air re-circulation facilities, that regenerate 80 percent of energy needs. 

Sleeves eliminate bouncing at maximum speeds. Additionally, with in-line register, color measurement systems and TRESU's ink supply systems, consistent accuracy is reached with minimum material waste - maintained throughout each production run.

The TRESU line is designed for fast setup times and a minimum of manual intervention:
- Servo drives enable fast change between the wide range of repeat sizes needed in folding carton, from 450mm to 1050mm, without recalibration;
- Pneumatic sleeve systems allow changeovers in seconds

- Automatic chamber cleaning ensures simultaneous ink changes in minutes. 

And with a horizontal configuration, all parts of the press are easily accessed by the operator.

Our journey with the customer begins with the press installation: At TRESU, we believe in helping users of our technology achieve continuous improvement throughout the lifetime of the press. Customers benefit from technical support and application advice, training, global care programs with 24-7 availability, regular maintenance, and materials testing – both on-site and at our Innovation Centre at our Kolding (Denmark) headquarters.

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