TRESU refurbishment programs proves the vision of our lifecycle approach of extending and optimizing performance and creating added value to customers.

TRESU offers different refurbishment solutions related to entire presses or different types of printing equipment.

TRESU refurbishments are an efficient means of regaining, extending and sometimes even improving performance of existing equipment and investments – at an attractive price point and with a reduced carbon footprint. With this new initiative TRESU once again proves the vision of supporting customers with a lifecycle approach extending the performance of genuine TRESU products and at the same time creating added value to customers.

Refurbishments: Chamber doctor blade systems | Ink and coating circulators | RTBC - Return to Basic Condition

TRESU refurbishment programs provide:

• Extension of the lifetime of the product

• Sustainable refurbishments

• Cost efficient solutions

Contact TRESU Customer Care for upgrades:

Please remember to have the serial number from the specific equipment ready when contacting us.