Technical specifications

The Flexo Innovator configuration is designed with front and back printing/coating capabilities. Custom-engineered and assembled at our Danish factory, the Flexo Innovator is engineed and manufactured at its finest, offering precision printing at speeds from 400-600 m/min (800 m/min). 

WEB/PRINT WIDTH (MM) 670900 11001400  1700
MIN WEB WIDTH (MM) 335450550 700850
Print speed/Standard
400 m/min, 600 m/min,
800 m/min
 x x x x x
Repeat lenght508 - 1060 mm x x x x x
SubstratePaper, paperboard 60-600 gsm x x x x x
InkWater based, UV, Solvent (optional) x x x x x
UnwindFlying splice with options x x x x x
InfeedDancer, pull & brake, edge guide. Web cleaner, preheating and web-treating (optional) x x x x x
Print unitsChamber doctor blade system, sleeve change on anilox and plate, full servo on rollers and ink deck positioning system x x x x x
Back side print Optional x x x x x
Drying Hot air and/or UV or E-beam x x x x x
Cooling Chill rollers after hot air drying and/or chill roller combination with UV lamps x x x x x
OutfeedPull & brake, edge guide, dancer. Print inspection (optional) x
RewindFlying splice with optionsxxxx
Die cutterOptionalxxxx