Upgrades - Performance and rebuilds

To ensure the newest technology and functionalities, TRESU offers a wide range of upgrades and rebuilds related to different parts of your printing equipment – whether you are looking to reduce waste, increase speed,  and volume, secure safety or improve print quality.

A TRESU upgrade is an efficient means of upgrading your TRESU equipment to optimize - and in many instances even improve – the performance of your equipment.

Unlock the full potential of your assets: 
Structural upgrades | Performance upgrades | Sustainability & energy | Ink deck | Safety | Obsolescence

TRESU Upgrades provides

• Improved performance

• Opportunity to increase run speed and volume

• Control the quality of your prints efficiently and reduce waste

• Extended lifetime of your equipment

Contact TRESU Customer Care for upgrades: sales@tresu.com

Please remember to have the serial number from the specific equipment ready when contacting us.