Working with corrugated wide web print applications? Looking to optimize printing efficiency? Faster ink change and cleaning cycles down to 3-5 minutes have a significant business impact when multiplied with machine cost per hour. Get the case calculation now - and explore how a 3-5 minute cleaning cycle can convert to a reduction of more than 200 hours of downtime per year. Sign up for info - and receive the downtime reduction calculation

Efficiency in corrugated, pre- and post-printing. 

Automation, simple logistics and easy handling are central qualities of the printing line. 

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Flexo Pre-Printing

Flexo Inline Press, Flexo Stack Press, Flexo Unit

Digital Pre-PrintingHybrid

Chamber doctor blade systems

UniPrint B, UniPrint C, MaxiPrint
Coating and Ink supply systemsF1 Basic, F10 iCon, MaxiPrint

Chamber doctor blade systemsUniprint C, Uniprint B
Coating- & ink supply systemsF1 Basic, F10 iCon, MaxiPrint, XL5i

Flexo GluingFlexo Unit
Chamber doctor blade systemsUniprint B
Coating- & ink supply systemsXL5i

Hot air

Drying unit

Fast, lean flexo printing lines for paper and corrugated pre-prints.

TRESU’s ancillary equipment provides fully controlled ink logistics on each flexo station, regulating ink flow throughout the production run in an enclosed environment from bucket to printing sleeve. 

Benefits include optimized drying efficiency, higher reflective and gloss values, automatic cleaning and ink changes in minutes without manual intervention. 

TRESU offers a flexo printing line for high-end corrugated pre-print applications, that offer reduced waste, short setup times, consistent color quality and production speeds of up to 600m/min.

The new 1.700mm-wide sleeve-based concept, featuring between seven and 11 color stations, offers a lean, productive and ergonomic alternative that limits downtime when shorter runs are required and meets the need for stricter colour targets, and accurate reproduction, demanded by brand manufacturers. 

Fast anilox and sleeve change is possible within 10 minutes. Furthermore, printing units that are idle during a production run can be prepared for the next job while others are running, without affecting stability. Automatic press controls ensure registration and colour targets are achieved with minimal material waste in the start-up phase. The press also comes with a robotically managed sleeve-storage system, positioned nearby.

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