What is inkLink?

”Linking the flow of ink through the print Facility - from the ink suppliers’ container to the substrate.”
This is our definition of inkLink and what we mean by ink logistics. You can reduce your enviromental impact with inkLink and get several advantages with an ink supply system from TRESU.

  • inkLink closed system reduces evaporation up to 66%

  • inkLink fastClean controls the cleaning process and reduces water use considerably

  • inkLink fastClean reduces the needs for detergents while cleaning the system

Technical article on Ink Management

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Lean production by inkLink automation
With the strong focus on efficiency, cost and impact on the environment along with the increasing complexity of the flexo print process we are experiencing a growing frustration from users who are wasting too much time on non-value added tasks.


At TRESU we take these challenges very seriously and have therefore developed the inkLink concept which by means of a complex set of problems has created an efficient, automated and user-friendly solution. The solution takes parameters such as flow, pressure, pH, temperature control and viscosity (patented TRESU ViscoFlow) into consideration.

With inkLink the users will experience a production increase of up to 30%, uniform quality and reduced consumption of ressources. In addition a closed inkLink system reduces the impact on the environment considerably.

Read more about TRESU F10 iCon HERE or watch the PRESENTATION about inkLink.