Expanding our borders

At TRESU we strive to maintain our leading position with constant investment in design and engineering. Together with our quality partners we are innovating 24 hours a day, driving growth for our customers and redefining what's possible.

LEAN, in-house production

At TRESU we continue to optimise all stages of production, constantly introducing new procedures to ensure efficient flow and perfect results. This approach has resulted in a modern factory with flexible practices, high productivity, and effective quality control, ensuring the same high standard every time a product leaves our factory – creating added value for our customers. 

Project Management

We are with you every step of the way, managing and achieving your unique project goals and objectives, while honouring the scope, time, and budget involved.

We optimize, innovate and simplify 

In an intensely competitive, service-driven market, packaging converters seek processes that bring repeatable quality, faster turnarounds, higher productivity and lower operational costs. The need to find sustainable solutions to these challenges is acute in an age of shorter production runs and heightened environmental and social concern.

At TRESU we recognise that research and development is the key to answering these challenges. Working closely with the customer and co-suppliers, we identify opportunities for improvement, and apply our 30 years’ flexo expertise to make processes leaner, more productive, simpler and controlled. The TRESU Innovation Centre, equipped with our multi-station flexo line and a digital folding carton printing and coating line, has been a catalyst for improvement – at all stages of the process.

It has resulted in – among others – stable production at faster press speeds, reduced setup times and material waste and improved ink adhesion on challenging substrates. Working with ink manufacturers, we are helping to improve the performance of more sustainable water-based inks. And through developments in supply systems, we are optimising quality, when transferring even the most challenging inks and coating media.