TRESU Carbon Fiber Chamber:
Mid- & wide-web lightweight high performance.

TRESU uses proven moulding methods and CNC machining of our high precision carbon fiber materials, which ensure high performance under high speeds and high pressure. If corrosion is an issue, the lightweight carbon fiber chamber doctor blade system from TRESU is the answer.

The lightweight carbon fiber composition ensures high-strength chamber qualities and the design enables ink and coating circulation in efficient volumes.
The ink-repellent surface offers protection against ink and detergents with high and low pH-values.

TRESU CFC chambers are supplied with genuine TRESU end seals and the P-Line clamping system offers the fastest job change in the industry - watch it right here.

Key features of TRESU CFC Chamber Doctor Blade Systems

  • Pressure-control ink and coating circulation

  • Carbon fiber chambers for improved chemical resistance

  • Lightweight carbon fiber chambers for easy handling and high strength

  • The chamber prevents solvents from escaping and protects the ink from degradation

  • For all printing and coating units

  • Wide range of suspension matching almost any space requirement, application and size

A range of options are available including:

  • Side nozzles cleaning end seals with water pressure beam

  • Spray bar ensuring efficient exterior moistering of anilox roller and doctor blades during the cleaning process

  • Integrated nozzle design for water shot mechanisms, fast and efficient cleaning

  • Quick empty function for fast chamber evacuation



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 D3P D4P D5P


 5.45 kg/m (0.3 pounds/inch) 5.45 kg/m (0.3 pounds/inch) 5.45 kg/m (0.3 pounds/inch)


 145 - 190 mm (5.7” – 7.48”) 180 - 250 mm (7.1” – 9.48)250- 400 mm (9.84” – 15.75”)


 Up to 2,350 mm (92.52”) Up to 6,000 mm (236.22”) Up to 6,000 mm (236.22”)


 2.17 L/m (0.57 gpm) 1.7 L/m (0.31 gpm) 1.8 L/m (0.48 gpm)


 Flow and pressure mode for water based inks.
 APPLICATION For all water-based printing and coating machines.


 With all TRESU CFC coated ink repellent surfaces, we recommend to keep pH values between 4 and 12.
For further details and compatibility of chemical materials pls. contact TRESU for guidance.