TRESU Printing and Coating Technology:
Engineered for Purpose.

With stable, ergonomic and modular built flexo presses we achieve repeatable results at high speeds - and combined with high performance chamber doctor blade systems, advanced ink supply- and drying systems, TRESU provides efficient and sustainable workflows.

Optimize - Innovate - Simplify.
In an intensely competitive, service-driven market, converters seek processes that bring repeatable quality, faster turnarounds with short production runs, higher productivity and lower operational costs. The need to find efficient and sustainable solutions to these challenges is further stressed by increasing environmental and social concerns.

Working closely with customers and co-suppliers, we continuously identify opportunities for improvements - and apply our 40 years of flexo expertise to make processes leaner, more productive and more simple.

TRESU print technology means stable production at high press speeds, reducing time for setup and job changes and less material waste.

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