Extending performance:
Genuine TRESU end seals and proven doctor blades.

In order to keep your printing equipment and your business running be sure to perform maintenance and replace wear parts when needed – and to choose the right supplier with the right products, spare parts and experience.

Choosing parts that are not designed and optimized for the purpose, you risk increasing down-time and jeopardize the performance of your equipment - and the result of your business.

Stay ahead and benefit from TRESU’s 40 years of experience, patents and innovative cooperation with leading players in the industry.

With TRESU as your business partner we can guide your selection of spare parts and maintenance solutions to extend the performance of your existing equipment.
With our solutions you can base your choice on parts built on quality - with care for the environment.
TRESU is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified.

If you have chosen TRESU chamber doctor blade systems, why would you buy spare parts in any other quality than the genuine from TRESU?

  • Safety: Genuine TRESU end seals are designed from the right compounds and with the right geometry in order to safeguard your print job on the long run

  • Performance:  Your proven doctor blades from TRESU are backed and supported. Non-genuine aftermarket wear parts are often sold to be used in a variety of different chambers - and can result in the need for parts replacement or repairs

  • Durability: The right recipe of your cleaning detergents will extend the performance of your equipment and reduce your cost of printing by reducing waste and downtime

  • Order online 24/7: Genuine TRESU parts are available online 24/7 - shop by press, part, category or part number – we ship to all destinations

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