High-performance ancillary equipment

In the age of shorter production runs and strict demands for consistent quality, control of the print process is vital, to meet these expectations and protect profitability. TRESU Ancillary meets these demands with high-performance solutions that optimise the performance in flexo, offset and digital printing.   

  • A complete programme of equipment for regulating ink and coating circulation on flexo machines

  • Drying systems

  • Temperature control systems for flexo, offset and digital printing presses

  • Genuine Spare Parts available from our Global Webshop or Webshop US / Americas  

  • Customer service and technical support program: Customer Care

TRESU’s equipment for automatically regulating ink and varnish circulation is suitable for virtually all flexo printing applications. These include narrow web, flexible packaging, paper and board products and industrial printing, in web widths up to six metres. At the heart of this are the TRESU’s supply system and chamber doctor blade technologies. Together, they provide a fully enclosed ink supply from the bucket to the anilox cell – maintaining pressure, flow and viscosity at exact levels throughout the printing run, without operator intervention. Moreover, they enable automatic, cleaning and ink change.

  • Significant quality, productivity and sustainability benefits include:

  • Reduced material waste

  • Makeready times measured in minutes

  • Elimination of foaming and blisters

  • Uniform quality at speeds in excess of 600m/min (2000fpm)

  • Minimal manual intervention

  • Safer, vapour-free and cleaner working conditions

  • Reduced emissions






Henrik Kristensen
Vice President   

Mail: hkr@tresu.com
Mobile: +45 29 41 83 86   
France, Spain and Portugal


Steen Rasmussen
Area Sales Manager

Mail: str@tresu.com 
Scandinavia, Germany,
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Baltic Region, 
Eastern Europe,
Middle East, Africa and India