TRESU Demo Center - Proof and validation. 

We continuously optimize, research and test any new edge of our flexo printing technology in our in-house Demo Center. This is where we test new ways of printing and coating and also where we can test new equipment.

With our in-house TRESU Demo Center we are able to provide customers with the opportunity of testing new ideas: 

Customers ship us their materials and we can proof and validate their inks, coatings and substrates - right from thin cigarette paper to heavy board or plastic foils – on real life TRESU flexographic printing technology in order to proof and validate customers' printing and coating concepts with our flexo printing machines and equipment.

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We can even rebuild this demo line to test and compare any requested component or production in a real-life environment. This saves customers the installation- and downtime for testing purposes and provides valuable knowledge securing, that they can stay ahead of competition.

Often customers join us during these tests to observe and validate a real life flexo production on our flexographic demo line printing press.

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