Offset, digital and flexo product programme 

TRESU offers a wide range of high-performance flexo and offset ancillary equipment, providing solutions for flow regulation, drying and temperature control. Our products are designed to support the optimum performance of
the printing process in numerous web- and sheet-fed printing situations on line, stack and common impression presses. Applications, ranging up to six metres wide, include labels, folding cartons, flexible packaging, coating, corrugated board, tissue and industrial printing. The ancillary programme comprises: 

  • Complete solutions for flow regulation, including chamber doctor blades with TRESU’s patented seal system, and supply systems

  • Chillers for offset, flexo and digital presses

  • Drying systems for water-based and solvent applications

  • A complete programme of equipment for regulating ink and coating circulation on flexo machines

  • Temperature control systems for flexo, offset and digital printing presses



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