Technical Hotline 24/7

We aim to offer the most complete and competent customer service and technical support, 24-hours a day, worldwide. Our technicians are well trained, educated, and updated on the latest knowledge. They react quickly to any machine defect, and are happy to assist you in case of breakdown, repairs and maintenance.

We receive and handle requests from customer on both technical issues and customer complaints and provide you with a worldwide hotline availability 24/7.

Technical hotline for printing machines and ancillaries:


Europe and RoW:                +45 7027 0029

US (Innovator):                    +1 833 873 7887
US (Chillers & ancillaries): +1 866 873 7887


Technical hotline for digital printing and coating:


Global:                                  +45 7022 9935 


For spare parts:

Please remember to have the serial number from the specific equipment ready when contacting us.