Flexo Innovator hybrid printing line to U.S. paperboard converter Dominion Packaging

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TRESU Group announces the sale of a hybrid wide format Flexo Innovator printing line to the paperboard converter Dominion Packaging, of Richmond, Virginia, USA. Dominion purchased a multiple colour Innovator press with hybrid printing capability which is expected to be fully operational at its Richmond facility by the end of 2016.

Dominion Packaging is a privately owned supplier of innovative packaging solutions. Since it was founded in 2004, the company has enjoyed extraordinary growth. Scott Hibbs, president and CEO, TRESU Americas, comments: “With its robust build, advanced level of automation, ergonomic design and minimal setup times, the Flexo Innovator offers significant efficiency gains and outstanding quality consistency at extremely high production speeds. Furthermore, with its hybrid ink-set, drying and curing specification, Dominion Packaging has the versatility to offer a wide range of applications and sophisticated, bespoke solutions in both short-run and high-volume situations.”  


“The Flexo Innovator specified by Dominion Packaging can switch effortlessly between multiple printing applications on all of its printing units.  Furthermore, special-effect coating is possible at several points in the printing sequence, thanks to press’s ability to dry unit-to-unit. The Innovator’s unique printing capability further enhances its hybrid printing solutions, which are not achievable on a common impression press,” said Hibbs.

The Innovator press format can be equipped with an automatic inking and control system to minimise material waste, manual intervention and setup times. TRESU’s distinctive ink control system provides enclosed, automatically controlled ink circulation and uniform ink laydown, by virtue of controlling the ink chemistry during the printing process.  Also available on the Innovator press format is an inline inspection and colour management systems to maintain quality consistency on-the-fly throughout the printing run.


Brett Hawkins, president and CEO of Dominion Packaging comments, “We are resolute in our decision to purchase the Innovator press platform from TRESU. Considering the speed and distinctive versatility of the hybrid printing capability of our new press allows Dominion Packaging to expand our business into new market areas that were not previously available to us. Furthermore, the addition of the Innovator to our manufacturing capability will enable Dominion to continue on our aggressive growth pattern by yielding unique and innovative printing solutions to our customers.”


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