Aspen Products Chooses TRESU Flexo Innovator Press for Efficient, Accelerated Converting Operations

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TRESU Group announces the sale of a nine-color Flexo Innovator press to Aspen Products, Inc., of Kansas City, Missouri, one of the largest providers of table-top paper products in North America

The 44-inch (1100mm) press, which is scheduled for installation in May 2017, has a top speed of 2000fpm (600mpm) and will be equipped with a hot air drying system with central gas burner.

Established in 1977, Aspen Products is a  privately owned company that manufactures paper plates, trays and bowls that are distributed through grocery, discount, club, food service and institutional distributors. The company has a large library of unique designs for printing on the products and work with customers to develop custom designs for a distinctive look.

“This sale is especially significant for the company, not least because it is the first brand new press ever ordered in Aspen Products’ 40-year history,” said Scott Hibbs, CEO and President, TRESU Americas. “The company was impressed by the Flexo Innovator’s capability for fast job changeovers and print quality at top speeds. Its ergonomic features, in-line design and registration system that ensures minimal paper waste were other important factors in choosing TRESU.”

TRESU’s sales and engineering teams worked closely with Aspen Product’s management to configure the press with the components and features required to streamline production, deliver quality print, increased throughput and increased profitability.

The Flexo Innovator at Aspen will feature TRESU ancillary technology that automatically controls ink circulation in a fully enclosed environment. This includes F10 iCon ink management system for regulating flow, pressure and viscosity, and automatic cleaning, as well as chamber doctor blades that prevent leakage or air contamination and ensure blister-free, consistent ink coverage with fast drying characteristics at maximum speeds.  The press will also be configured with unwinder and rewinder from MTorres, and a BST Eltromat web inspection system for optimum quality assurance.


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