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TRESU, a leading provider of flexographic printing technology and coating solutions with 40 years of proven performance, now introduces a new ink circulator: TRESU InkFlex.

TRESU InkFlex for automated high performance ink circulation of water-based inks. Featuring two air operated double diaphragm pumps, the TRESU InkFlex is ideal for large and fast flows for automated long water-based print jobs as well as automated wash and cleaning cycles.

The TRESU InkFlex is designed for automation of the ink circulation and introduces a newly designed intuitive and user-friendly HMI interface optimizing operators’ start up times with fast and easy guidance as well as automated modes of operation and wash cycles. The digital flowmeter for accurate flow- and temperature measurements means less waste and more efficient use of resources increasing customers’ Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Indicative maintenance based on the number of pumpe strokes further optimizes OEE.

Picking up from TRESU’s new platform of third generation circulators, the Inkflex features an unmatched range of opportunities in automation and Industry 4.0 connectivity and enables full and automated control of a wide range of water-based printing applications as well as full and seamless integration with any OEM technology.

Used in combination with a TRESU chamber doctor blade system the InkFlex provides full control of the enclosed circulation from the bucket to the chamber, where the ink fills the cells of the anilox roller. This Control Pressure Technology system from TRESU prevents any contamination of air inside the chamber and eliminates micro foaming and undesired blistering of the print.

The entire platform of the new InkFlex is 100% modular and ready to adapt to future needs and modes of operation by unlocking already built-in additional features on demand.

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About TRESU:
TRESU is a highly specialized company offering printing machines and ancillary systems and concepts for flexo, digital and offset printing and coating industries, as well as customer service, spare parts, consumables and technical support.

TRESU has 40 years of experience and expertise in the development, production and maintenance of engineered solutions and supplies directly to end-customers, OEMs and partners world-wide. TRESU has production facilities in Denmark and sales companies in USA, Germany, Italy, Japan and China as well as an international agency network providing local support and know-how. For more information go to www.tresu.com.

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Søren Kristensen, Global Marketing Manager, TRESU