Season's Greetings from TRESU



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Season's Greetings from TRESU
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We would like to thank all our customers, colleagues, business relations, news subscribers and LinkedIn followers all over the world and wish you, your family and your colleagues a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

At TRESU we are looking forward to great news ahead in 2021!

TRESU can introduce you to 40 years of accumulated knowledge of flexo printing solutions and high performance equipment, so sign up and stay connected for 2021!

All the best and stay safe.

Please note that: 
TRESU DK, TRESU GER and TRESU US are closed for season holidays from 23rd. Dec. 2020 to 3rd. Jan. 2021 – both days included.
TRESU Italy is closed from 25th Dec. 2020 to 27th Dec and from 1st Jan to 8th Jan. 2021 - both days included.
TRESU Japan is closed from 26th Dec. 2020 to 4th Jan. 2021 - both days included.