Partnership Performance: TRESU and Kama



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Partnership Performance: TRESU and Kama
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Yet another partnership entered at drupa 2024.

At drupa TRESU A/S and KAMA GmbH announced a new partnership to establish together a game-changing solution to bring digital embellishment to the next level of efficiency.

TRESU will integrate its coating unit – the TRESU iCoat II - into the new, revolutionary KAMA Hammerhead 76/106 to add conventional coating options to all the other applications the KAMA Hammerhead offers, such as UV digital spot varnish and digital foiling.

With this combined solution KAMA and TRESU are breaking the limits by greatly widening the range of materials/substrates to be embellished and by raising the bar of efficiency to a high level never seen before.

Beyond the co-development of further options for the KAMA Hammerhead, KAMA and TRESU are setting up the basis for future collaboration in many more fields, by combining the knowledge and the excellence each company brings from their own field of expertise.

Jordi Giralt, Chief Business Officer at KAMA, says: “TRESU is the right partner to achieve the levels of excellence we aim for, and partnering with them will support us to bring digital embellishment to the position we consider it must be: equal to offset or flexo production in terms of efficiency and utilization, and of course rationalizing the cost of production.”

Stephan Plenz, Chief Executive Officer at TRESU, says: “KAMA is in the right track to bring a disruptive solution to the increasing field of digital embellishment, which could benefit from the knowledge we can add. We want to walk this journey with our new partner, and we expect this is just the first step of a very productive association.”

Jordi Giralt concludes: “Drupa 2024 is the right moment and location to present to the world this new partnership, and show the first concepts of the ground-breaking KAMA Hammerhead 76/106 equipped with a TRESU Coater.”

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TRESU is located at Hall 10 / B21
KAMA GmbH is located at Hall 1 / B51

TRESU provides in-depth flexo technology knowledge, continuous customer focus and support – ready to integrate.

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