NEW TRESU XL5i G3: Efficient circulation for sensitive and special coatings.



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NEW TRESU XL5i G3:  Efficient circulation for sensitive and special coatings.
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The new TRESU XL5i G3 peristaltic coating circulator ensures precisely regulated and stable flow for uncontaminated coating with sensitive or special aqueous or UV coatings for all printing applications - featuring TRESU's proven Pressure Control Technology.

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Introducing a new range of opportunities in automation, connectivity as well as level- and pressure control, the new XL5i G3 coating circulator builds up a new pressure in the industry and now enables full and automated control of a range of high-quality coating applications with sensitive and special coatings such as opaque white, gold and silver metalure, pearl luster, blister, high-gloss, scented or silky soft touch effects.

Used in combination with a chamber doctor blade system and customized open cell anilox roll, the TRESU XL5i G3 features separate built-in supply and return pumps, that provide full control of the enclosed circulation from the bucket to the chamber, where the coating fills the cells of the anilox roller. This Control Pressure Technology system from TRESU prevents any contamination of air inside the chamber and eliminates micro foaming and undesired blistering of the print.

Henrik Kristensen, VP TRESU Ancillary, comments: “Coatings responsible for high gloss, brilliant colors and appealing tactile effects are powerful ways to add brand value - especially for luxury and personal care packaging, where a differentiating Point of Sale impact is crucial. However, the functionality of these coating types depends on relatively large layers, which are delicate to handle. TRESU’s new XL5i G3 coating circulator ensures, that these coating media are carefully transferred at precise viscosity, flow and pressure levels, securing that desired print and coating results are achieved and repeated with full automation and no disturbance at high production speeds.”

Furthermore, the HMI with the new graphical user interface with intuitive universal icons, signals and colors optimizes operators’ time with fast and easy guidance to basic start up and operation commands and the ability to go one step deeper and access a range of automated operation modes.

Comprehensive data logging with statistical insights for Industry 4.0 operations is now a real opportunity using the Ethernet connection of the TRESU XL5i G3. Furthermore, the entire platform of the new circulator is 100% modular and ready to adapt to future needs and modes of operation by unlocking additional features on demand.

In short, the XL5i G3 is a superior solution for special and sensitive UV or aqueous based coatings and it can be operated as a stand-alone product or integrated inline into an existing print machine with full software integration.

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