Label Summit Latin America 2024.



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Label Summit Latin America 2024.
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At Label Summit in Bogota Columbia, TRESU will be presenting high performance consumables and genuine spare parts at Booth 3541 at AGORA BOGOTÁ CONVENTION CENTER, 12 – 13 March 2024.

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Extending the performance of customers’ printing technology TRESU’s Customer Care program provides customers with a comprehensive range of genuine and proven spare parts. The industry’s fastest change of blades, a full line of polymer, carbon steel, stainless steel or tool steel doctor blades together with a genuine range of end seals in felt, foam or EPDM completes the picture of TRESU’s consumables portfolio for the printing industry.

Doctor blades at the edge of performance for any printing application
Doctor blades are at the edge of printing performance and can have great impact on quality and laydown of ink, coating, or adhesives. We have a full range of doctor blades and end seals and cover any installation and material: Carbon-, stainless or tool steel as well as polymer blades. We supply any tip profile, length or width and you can also order precut lengths delivered on your doorstep.
If safety is an issue we produce XL blade holders for thicker polymer blades.

Chamber end seals are closely related to printing quality
Genuine TRESU end seals are designed from the right compounds and with the right geometry-  and will provide quality for the long run. TRESU end seals reduce the cost of ownership buy reducing waste and increasing up time.

Cleaning detergents for any printing application
If cleaning or downtime is an issue then the TRESU low foaming cleaning detergents can reduce cleaning cycles for almost any UV, WB and solvent based printing application.

TRESU is ISO9001:2015 quality certified and you can buy all our items from our online customer portal, and we ship around the clock.

TRESU is a leading flexo technology lifecycle partner offering flexible, customized solutions of flexo printing press machines and ancillary products and parts for flexo, digital and offset printing to the graphic industry. TRESU has 40 years of experience and expertise in the development and production of engineered solutions for this industry and supplies directly to end-customers, OEMs and partners.

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Soren Kristensen, Head of Global Marketing, TRESU
Email: skr@tresu.com