Customized CI Flexo Print Machine Design



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Customized CI Flexo Print Machine Design
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CI flexo print units from TRESU can be customized in four different ways, according to space and layout constraints - both designed for new manufacturing lines as well as retrofitted into exiting lines. 

Moreover, with servo drives, a high degree of automation and efficient drying systems included, the unit can integrate smoothly, performing with a minimum of operator intervention and setup times. 

A crucial concern is to include the printing units without disrupting the logistics and operator performance around the manufacturing line. 
Space availability – in terms of area or height – is likely to be scarce. As a result, the unit, based on a common impression formation, is contained in a compact housing. 

TRESU has developed four ways of integrating the printing process with existing converting machines, based on many years’ retrofitting experience in the manufacturing sector - click here to see an example of how this can be done. 

Contact kpa@tresu.com if you would like to hear more about the four ways of integration.