Labelexpo in Chicago 13-15 September 2022.



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Labelexpo in Chicago 13-15 September 2022.
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High performance ancillary printing systems on display at Labelexpo

Kolding, August 2022 
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At Labelexpo in Chicago TRESU will be presenting high performance ancillary printing systems and equipment at Booth 3541 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Chicago, September 13-15..

As a global provider of ancillary printing systems and equipment, TRESU has proven expertise in building complete systems specially optimized to apply ink, varnish media, glue or silicone layers for a diverse range of applications matching the requirements of OEM manufacturers, printing companies and packaging companies.

The high performance and proven TRESU chamber doctor blade systems are available in widths from 185mm to 6000mm and feature Pressure Control Technology enabling clean blister-free print with fast drying characteristics and improved gloss values at high print speeds. TRESU chambers are available for WB, UV or solvent based inks and coatings and are available in carbon fiber, aluminum and a ceramic surface alternative is also available. TRESU XL blade holders enable a fast shift to thicker polymer doctor blades.

TRESU’s complete line of automated ink supply systems feature an enclosed, pressure-controlled supply of coating and ink without any risk of contamination. Waste and setup-times are minimized as the supply system provides automatic cleaning, and complete ink-change cycles within minutes.

The new third-generation ink and coating circulation technology is represented in a range of color- and coating circulators enabling sheet-fed and web printers to save resources while exploiting high speed coating, with full control and no the risk of micro-foaming and blisters. The new H5i G3 coating circulator pushes the boundaries for automated high-quality coating operations with high pressure and high viscosity and flow, built-in intelligence, connectivity and data opportunities. 

Extending the performance of customers’ printing technology TRESU’s Customer Care program provides customers with a comprehensive range of genuine and proven spare parts. The industry’s fastest change of blades, a full line of polymer, carbon steel, stainless steel or tool steel doctor blades together with a genuine range of end seals in felt, foam or EPDM completes the picture of TRESU’s consumables portfolio for the printing industry.

Henrik Kristensen, Vice-President, TRESU comments: “TRESU’s program of ancillary and retrofittable ancillary printing systems, backed up with comprehensive global customer care, provides the flexo printer with a lifecycle partner for automating processes, reducing setup times, eliminating waste and assuring predictable, repeatable results. We are looking forward to meeting you at booth #3541 in Chicago”

TRESU is a leading flexo technology lifecycle partner offering flexible, customized solutions of flexo printing press machines and ancillary products and parts for flexo, digital and offset printing to the graphic industry. TRESU has 40 years of experience and expertise in the development and production of engineered solutions for this industry and supplies directly to end-customers, OEMs and partners.

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Soren Kristensen, Head of Global Marketing, TRESU
Email: skr@tresu.com