The key to added value packaging is inline flexo printing

With stable printing and coating at up to 800 metres per minute, the ability to include many processes in a single pass with a high level of versatility through modularity, the latest inline flexo presses provide a competitive solution for delivering retail packaging solutions that add value through a variety of means, and not just for consumers, but for the supply chain as a whole. 

When we think of ‘added value’ packaging for retail goods, images of attractive finishing effects spring to mind - folds and creases, as well as foils, varnishes, embossing and other tactile features. However, aesthetics are only part of the story. While consumers increasingly expect products to be tailored to their needs, for the supply chain, adding value comes from flexibility to deliver short and long runs efficiently and fast.

Read the article about inline flexo printing and added value packaging for retail markets: 
"Inline flexo: the key to added value packaging for retail markets"

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