Optimum performance in Flexo Narrow/Mid Web

TRESU’s complete range of ancillary products for narrow and mid-web printing applications enables process improvement in label and flexible packaging. TRESU Ancillary offers a full programme of performance-enhancing solutions for narrow and mid-web flexo printing applications such as self-adhesive labels, tags, flexible packaging and paperboard products.  Solutions are available for both line, stack and common-impression press formations, and for single printing units.

TRESU provides a complete programme for automatically regulating ink and varnish circulation in an enclosed environment from the bucket to the point where it reaches the anilox roll. The F10 iCon ink supply system maintains precise flow, pressure and viscosity control throughout each printing run. The supply system also provides fast, thorough and simultaneous ink changes without manual intervention in minutes, while allowing reuse of left-over inks in future jobs. Aluminium or light-weight carbon-fibre chambers with fast clamping systems and rubber seals ensure high-quality doctoring, without contamination. Compact, and available in a range of suspensions, they provide both easy handling and access. Customised hot air and infrared drying systems are available for solvent and water-based applications. 


  • Minimal manual intervention necessary

  • Clean, safe, vapour-free working environment

  • Reduced substrate and ink loss

  • Makeready complete in minutes: significant uptime improvement

  • Consistent quality: high gloss values, blister-free print results

  • Printing speeds in excess of 600m/min (2000fpm)

  • Safe, easy handling

  • Reduced emissions