Integrated printing solution for sanitary napkin converting lines

Boost your sanitary napkin brand by applying unique printed designs, inline and on-demand, with TRESU's new integrated printing solution.

Research shows that women are more likely to trust and stay loyal to sanitary napkin brands with printed designs on the inside. Until now, the options for brand-owners have been limited to manufacturing plain sanitary napkins, or relying on a costly outsourced supply of printed material with lead times of several weeks.

Now, in conjunction with a global brand owner, TRESU has developed a flexo printing solution, customised for integration into napkin converting lines. Fully automated and built to the highest standards of safety, this unit offers the flexibility to apply unique designs with perfect register, inline without compromise in production speed.   

Based on TRESU's 30 years of flexo engineering expertise, the unit comprises up to four water-based colours, a hot air dryer and a register guidance camera. The printing solution formation contained within a module offers both a compact footprint and an operator-friendly design.

Located at point of embossing, the register guidance system ensures synchronisation of the printed pattern with the crease in the centre of the napkin, at speeds of up to 400 metres per minute (approximately 2000 pieces per minute). Using the converting machine interface signals as point of reference, the control module provides a direct loop to the servo motors to ensure accuracy on-the-fly, throughout the production run. 

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Automation ensures simple, safe operation

Every aspect of this unit has been designed with the highest levels of automation, ensuring automatically controlled, precise print speed and ink flow, without previous printing experience..

  • Fully servo-driven.

  • A broad range of TRESU ink supply systems available - e.g. with integrated cleaning and viscosity control.

  • Efficient TRESU drying system for water based inks

  • Customised to the speed of the sanitary napkins converting machine.

  • Sealed, pressure-controlled chambered doctor blade systems enable direct, foam-free transfer of ink or coating to the anilox rollers, ensuring a consistently clean printed image.

Optimised for fast job changes

We understand that every minute counts. TRESU has optimised the system to ensure maximum uptime and fast job changes. 

  • A control system stores and instantly recalls job recipes, so no re-entry of ink and calibration data is needed.

  • At the installation stage, the TRESU technical team works with the customer to build a unique database of recipe settings for each job, including, among others, impression settings, print levels, flow rate, air velocity, temperature and register coordinates.

TRESU support – every step of the way

TRESU’s engineers work with you from the concept stage to ensure a printing solution seamlessly suited to your unique converting needs. Moreover, we’re here to support you with training and troubleshooting, to minimize the learning curve and ensure maximum return on investment.

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