Improving quality consistency and cutting cleaning time in wide web and corrugated flexo



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Improving quality consistency and cutting cleaning time in wide web and corrugated flexo
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The TRESU MaxiPrint Concept is comprised of a closed light-weight carbon fibre or ceramic chamber, an ink supply system and a cleaning system. Watch the NEW animation!

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Suited for wide-web and corrugated flexo applications, the concept offers corrosion-resistance; fast, automatic internal cleaning; improved quality consistency and reduced ink loss. 

The TRESU chamber offers significantly faster emptying performance compared with alternative chambers, because the ink or coating fluid is evacuated through both the chamber’s inlet and outlet. The fast drainage of the chamber, further assisted by rounded internal surfaces, facilitates thorough cleaning: the subsequent washing process can begin before any residue can dry on the anilox roll or inside the chamber.  The ink change and cleaning cycle is typically completed within approximately 3-5 minutes. 

Available in widths of 1000mm to 6000mm, the chamber features an integrated cleaning nozzle with a robustly designed water-shot mechanism, to ensure efficient cleaning of the chamber and anilox roll in a short time. The shot mechanism maintains a low pressure, limiting water loss during the cleaning cycle. 

The MaxiPrint Concept features TRESU’s patented seal system that prevents leakage and interaction of the chamber contents with the atmosphere. The enclosed environment, resulting from the seal and precise blade positioning, ensures that pressure and flow rate are maintained at desired levels without manual intervention. This stops air contaminating the chamber and results in perfect transfer of ink/coating directly to the anilox cells, also at fast speeds. Watch the NEW TRESU MaxiPrint animation here

  • Fast emptying performance completed within 3-5 minutes

  • Available in widths of 1000 - 6000mm

  • Streamlined and compact design in closed system

  • Option quick emptying

  • Option spray bar

  • Improved quality consistency

  • Patented TRESU seals guaranteeing authentic quality

  • Benchmark for low ink loss, short job changeovers, and efficient
    cleaning in wide web and corrugated flexo applications 

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