TRESU F10 iCon

New Generation of ink supply systems

TRESU’s F10 iCon intelligent ink flow system provides pressure-controlled ink to the press at a consistent flow rate, according to predetermined parameters, with minimal supervision needed. This energy-efficient system also returns approximately 90 per cent of ink remaining in the press to the bucket after the production run.

It also provides fast, thorough automatic cleaning of the chamber and hoses, completing a complete ink change cycle on all printing stations simultaneously within minutes.  This results in significant consumption and changeover savings. A lean, innovative solution for safe, stable and controlled ink circulation with easy handling and increased production output.

Clean the system in 5-10 minutes

With complete ink change on all units the F10 iCon enables fully automatic cleaning for water- and solvent-based inks with an easily adjustable menu. The cleaning system removes ink, ensures the chamber is clear of residue and has low water/solvent consumption. 

Watch the TRESU inkLink presentation here.



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