TRESU Chamber Doctor Blade system

With the TRESU Chamber Doctor Blade system the printing quality is constant and reproducible with fast job change. Perfect cleaning of anilox roller with high pressure cleaning procedure and you will have low maintenance efforts in general. The TRESU Seal ensures the highest sealing quality and longest life time.





 Clamping system using screws

 TRESU Patent

 TRESU Patent

 Good for all width up to 6000 mm

 Good for width up to 2000 mm

 Good for all width up to 6000 mm

 Standard way of clamping

 Eccentric clamping – NO screws

 Pneumatic Clamping system


 Fast blade change in 1-2 minutes

 Fast blade change in less than1 minute





Hard Anodized-S surface with good repelling capabilities in connection with inking and cleaning procedures

Ceramic surface for flexo printing with high corrosion resistance and efficient 
repelling capabilities in connection with inking and cleaning procedures

Carbon Fibre Chamber with unique ink-repellent surface and high corrosion 
resistance for extra protection against ink and detergents

P-Line change blade                             E-Line change blade

Afspil_Pline                            Afspil_Eline
          MP4|                                                  MP4|             













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