Get an expert inside your press:
TRESU Machine Upgrade

More precision, better quality and higher productivity - with your existing equipment.
We offer Press Intelligence Upgrades or Press Performance Upgrades.

Press intelligence upgrades:  Software and hardware updates.





Substrate temperature regulated drying & chilling

These upgrades feature a set of strategically positioned sensors and software, which allows a continuously modulated control of the web temperature by continuously modulating either the dryer- and/or chill roller temperature. 
In practical terms it automatically applies accurate and responsive corrections appose to static temperature.



  • Web temperature adjustment to match  ink supplier requirements
  • Less operator involvement as temperatures automatically adjusts
  • Auto adjust of chill capacity
  • Improved web tension stability (reduced stress on substrate)
  • Reduced trapping In and better ink adhesion
  • Reduced substrate crimp

Press performance upgrades:
- Chambers
- Ink supply and control systems
- Drying
- Technical check of up to 160 measuring items as well as a recommendation of how to optimize your equipment.

Contact TRESU Customer Care for machine upgrades:

Please remember to have the serial number from the specific equipment ready when contacting us.

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