Dallas, Texas, USA

(dba) TRESU Americas

TRESU Royse, Inc.
8517 Directors Row
Dallas, TX 75247

Tel: +1 214 631 2844
Mail: tresu-americas@tresu.com

TRESU Royse Inc., doing business as (dba) TRESU Americas was established in Dallas, TX in May of 2004.  The market area that we support is the Continental US, Canada, Mexico, and Central and South America.  TRESU Americas sells and supports the entire product range available from the TRESU Group, which includes but is not limited to, high quality engineered products for sheet-fed and web offset, flexo, corrugated, and digital printing.  Across our people resources, we are a multi-cultural organization.  Our predominate language is English, but other languages which we accommodate is Spanish, Portages, Danish, and German.

Included in the wide range of ancillary and digital products that we promote from Dallas, TRESU Americas has an ardent focus on in-line flexo presses for packaging, lottery, and other special printing applications that requires unique understanding and engineering capability to support.


Scott Hibbs    

President, CEO               

Mail: sch@tresu.com 

Mobile: 00 1 (972) 765-5015                 

George Franks   

Western Region Sales Manager            

Mail: gfr@tresu.com          

William Stahl

Eastern Region Sales Manager 

Mail: wst@tresu.com 



Mike Stock

Sales Manager Americas
Mail: mis@tresu.com         



Elizabeth Limardo

Marketing Manager Americas
Mail: eli@tresu.com