With the F10 iCon, Trioplast eliminates emissions and boosts productivity

Short text:
Trioplast Industrial Films (Nyborg, Denmark) is a major supplier of low-density  polyethylene film in Northern Europe. The company's output, from 13 flexo presses, includes sacks, bags and industrial films for storage, transit and waste removal in manufacturing and retail sectors. 

The Challenge

Through their previous method of distributing ink to the presses - pumped to the open tray  from an open bucket on the floor - Trioplast experienced a substantial waste of ink due to spillage, as well as a large volume of unused ink in the tray at the end of a production run. As a result, post-production clean-up was a considerable task, contributing to production downtime.


The Solution

The F10 iCon ink supply system and sealed FlexiPrint E Line doctor blade chamber. A  closed ink loop for stable circulation, controlled viscosity, flow and pressure. The F10 iCon provides constant viscosity for stable ink density on the printed substrate. Easy cleaning process and reuse of excess ink on subsequent jobs.


The Result

“Total down-time has dropped from seven hours to five-and-a-half. Our production time has increased thirty percent per shift. The TRESU installations are compliant with the most stringent health, safety and environmental legislation. Operators can perform their roles in a healthier, tidier environment with a much lower risk of accident, which in turn raises job satisfaction and employee morale. In summary, therefore, the closed loop ink supply system from TRESU is an essential component of a streamlined, safe and lean workflow.” says Frank Jørgensen, Operations Manager Conversion/Printing Industrial Film Division at Trioplast.

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