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TRESU optimizes packaging printing performance with flexo ink supply solutions and hybrid press at EXPOGRÁFICA 2017

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There will also be information about TRESU’s hybrid Flexo Innovator printing line for mid-web applications, and the company’s local technical support team for managing fast, smoothly coordinated retrofitting programs (May 17 – 20, 2017 Expo Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico). 

TRESU’s ancillary equipment provides a fully enclosed solution for ink logistics in flexo printing units, minimizing waste, emissions and manual input. This includes the company’s sealed chamber doctor blades, working harmoniously with the TRESU F10 iCon ink supply system.

Chamber doctor blade systems deliver uniform print quality print and ease of use

The TRESU chamber program includes lightweight, corrosion-resistant carbon fiber and ceramic variants and covers all flexo printing applications, including printing widths exceeding 6000mm (236in) often seen in corrugated printing.  Assisted by the company’s patented seals and constant pressure maintained by the supply system, TRESU chamber doctor blades prevent leakage and air contamination, thereby ensuring clean, blister-free print results with fast drying characteristics, better reflection and higher gloss values. Additionally, TRESU’s pneumatic clamping systems enable blade changeovers in less than two minutes.


F10 iCon ink supply system for lean ink management

TRESU’s F10 iCon ink supply system regulates ink flow, pressure and viscosity from the bucket, through the chamber, to the press - maintaining constant, pre-set ink density values for complete production runs. Furthermore, the F10 iCon performs fast and thorough chamber cleaning automatically, returning almost all unused contents for reuse. Simultaneous ink change cycles on printing stations take minutes, delivering significant time and materials savings per job.


“Process efficiency and control are major concerns for Mexico’s package printing industry, which seeks to achieve higher, consistent quality, while overcoming challenges such as high energy costs and variable climatic conditions,” comments Juan Carlos Mejía, sales manager – Latin America, TRESU Americas.  


“TRESU’s complete ancillary offering, regulating ink and coating circulation in a completely enclosed environment, enables printers to bring their existing flexo and offset presses to the latest performance standards. At hundreds of installations worldwide, TRESU retrofitting programs have proven to generate significant long-term value, through reductions in manual involvement, material waste and setup times, along with accurate color targets at speeds exceeding 600m/min.




“TRESU has a dedicated, experienced sales and technical support team, based both in Mexico and at its American headquarters in Dallas, USA. This means we can offer our Mexican customers a local source of carefully coordinated retrofitting programs, technical advice and consumable products.”


Versatility and productivity: the Flexo Innovator hybrid printing line

The hybrid Flexo Innovator is a modular, integrated printing and converting line for paper, carton board, laminates, metallic substrates and unsupported films. A hybrid press, it is compatible with both water-based ink and UV OPV coating media. The Flexo Innovator can be equipped with automatic inking and control systems to minimize operator intervention, setup times and material waste. Enclosed, automatically controlled ink circulation and uniform ink laydown is achieved by regulating the ink chemistry during the printing process.


Productivity-enhancing features may include inline inspection and color management systems; hot air drying; unwind / rewind stands as well as finishing options like cold foil, laminating, die-cutting, embossing, and rotary cutting and sheeting, to give the Flexo Innovator unparalleled flexibility.


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