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Gain optimised flexo print quality with TRESU F10 iCon

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The F10 iCon supplies precise volumes of ink, ranging from 5 to 30 litres / minute, at constant, predetermined stroke frequencies. The supply system maintains optimum ink pressure in the chamber system to ensure clean print quality and accurate ink densities are achieved, consistently throughout the printing run, at speeds up to over 600m/min.


Furthermore, the supply system also assures an accurate way of returning inks to the bucket and fast, thorough chamber cleaning, without manual intervention. A typical cleaning cycle is complete within a matter of minutes, resulting in up to 90 percent of the ink or coating medium remaining in the press’s chamber systems returning to the bucket after production. This generates ink savings of as much as 19 litres per printing station after each job. The F10 iCon’s specially developed software reduces setup times further by storing each job’s ink recipe information, such as viscosity, flow-rate and pressure levels, thus eliminating the need for data re-entry when repeat jobs are performed.


Read more about the F10 iCon ink supply system here.

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